CDI ignition systems and accessories Located in Northwest OHIO Model Engine Electronics

I am suspending all CDI ignition assembly until after the Zanesville engine show this September.
This will take effect today, April 30, 2022

Sourcing parts is taking far too much computer time and some parts are getting much harder to find.
I have also been diagnosed with early stage dry Macular Degeneration in my left eye which makes assembling
the CDI boards much harder because it has messed up my depth perception.
Some major accessory items available are spark plug wire, Snow Engine seals and most of the Satra distributor parts.
I also have a few Rimfire spark plugs and some small accessories.
If I am not able to resume assembly of the CDI boards later this year I may try to offer it in KIT form.
Any input or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated and very welcome.

With warm weather finally getting here and outside work and activities to attend to
please contact me by email if you are looking for information or non ignition items.

Roy Sholl
16940 County Road T
Fayette, OH 43521

ph. (419) 452-6042