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Since Roy is retiring from the business, I couldn't bear to see his reliable CDI disappear from the model engine builder's arsenal.
So, I've decided to step in and attempt to marginally fill Roy's shoes and continue with the availability of his CDI.
My name is Dan Williams, I'm a retired electrical engineer working in the aerospace industry designing microelectronics.
I've been doing electronics for my whole life. Recently I got introduced to model engineering.
I've been machining and building for about 6 years now.
I found Roy's CDI system and admired the reliability, low current draw and simplicity in implementing it in my Bruce Macbeth engine.
After working with Roy for several months, I can say that I'm able to continue to build Roy's design up to his standards.
Although I'm nowhere near as accomplished as Roy in the art of CDI ignition applications, I will do my best to help out.
For now, all correspondence and ordering will be done through my email.
I wish Roy the best in his retirement.


I am extremely grateful that Dan contacted me after the Cabin Fever Expo this year. Dan is very knowledgeable on the electronics
that make my CDI work so well and efficient. I had him solder up a circuit board and send it back to me. It was as good or better
than any board I have put together. I am very confident in his ability to continue to offer my CDI with the same or better
reliability and performance as the units that I have built. We have been working on getting him up to speed with suppliers
and items that I no longer have so he has everything on hand to assemble a unit without having to order parts as he builds.
The transformer for the CDI has been the most problematic but we have found a coil winder that is able to make them to the
same specifications as my previous supplier. I will continue to assist Dan in any way neccessary so he can build my CDI's with
the knowledge that he is offering a product that is the same or better quality and reliability of my original system.

Now that I can rely on Dan to provide CDI's I can start working on the many casting kits I have accumulated over the years.
I will stay active in the Engine Community and should have a little more time to respond on the Model Engine Forum.

Roy Sholl
16940 County Road T
Fayette, OH 43521

ph. (419) 452-6042